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Obubra history

Obubra was established as a British colonial district in 1902 and has since undergone several metamorphoses in terms of geography and administrative nomenclature to the extent that from 1976 to date, it became known as “Obubra Local Government Area” following the local government reforms of 1976 in Nigeria.

Today, Obubra is one of the oldest local government areas in Nigeria. The present-day Obubra as a geo-political entity covers an area of 1115 km2 with a population of 172,543 people, as at 2006 census. It is situated in the central senatorial district of Cross River State of Nigeria and has its headquarters at Obubra, There are eleven political council wards in the local government area, namely: Ababene, Ofat, Ofodua, Ovonum, Apiapum, Iyamoyong, Ochon, Obubra Urban, Ofumbongha/Yala, Osopong I, and Osopong II.

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The inputs of the individuals in the crowd trigger the crowdfunding process and influence the ultimate value of the offerings or outcomes of the process. Each individual acts as an agent of the offering, selecting and promoting the projects in which they believe, and social identification.

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