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APC tackles Cross River Assembly over declaration of member’s seat vacant

APC tackles Cross River Assembly over declaration of member’s seat vacant

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has risen in defence of Hon. Okura Elugate Ekom, representing the Obubra 11 State constituency.

The lawmaker had defected from PDP to APC, following which his seat was declared vacant by the Cross River State Assembly.

‎The Assembly had also asked the INEC to conduct election to fill the vacant position.

Speaking on the matter, the acting Chairman of APC in the State, John Ochala said, “I can assure you that all salaries and allowances will be given to him, as he defected to APC within the ambit of the law.

“The law is very clear and specific on defection, but the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and their leadership are trying to be clever by half by invoking a section of the Nigerian constitution and leaving a section of the same constitution that states that if there are amalgamated parties and you are not comfortable with it, or if there are factions within your party, you are free to decamp”.

Ochala while reacting to the order given to INEC to conduct an election to fill the vacant position within 90 days said, that the order was absolutely null and void and of no effect until the matter is determined by the court of law.

“As we speak, the court has said that all status quo must be maintained by both parties until final determination of the substantive suit”, he said.

He said that the lawmaker’s move to the APC was within the ambit of the law as provided for by the Nigerian constitution.

He revealed that before the House took the decision on the matter, the Court had already served the House of Assembly through the clerk with an injunction on the matter, “but because they are lawless, they went ahead to declare his seat vacant.”

He said the whole world knew that at the time the member decamped to APC, the PDP had a clear cut faction from the National to the ward level.

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