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Obubra Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Obubra Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We came across a very informative paper written by Okey O. Ovat (Ph.D) of Department of Economics,University of Calabar,Calabar, Nigeria. He accessed the economic development of Obubra, a local government area in Cross River State.

Excerpt from the paper:


The paper carried out an empirical investigation into the state of economic development of Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria, right from inception in 1902 to date. Economic development was examined from the perspective of poverty reduction, human and infrastructural development. The paper then adopted a descriptive approach and empirically analyzed stylized facts captured in human development index (HDI), Human Poverty Index (HPI) as well as field surveys and personal interviews. The findings showed that the pace of economic development in Obubra is rather slow and not commensurate with the age of the Local Government Area.


Read all about it here. 

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