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The Obubra local government council is in charge of public administration in Obubra local government area. It is also called the Obubra legislative council. The council makes laws governing the Obubra local government area. It consistsĀ of 11 Councilors representing the 11 wards of the local government area. The 11 wards are:

  • Ababene
  • Apiapum
  • Iyamoyong
  • Obubra Urban
  • Ochon
  • Ofat
  • Ofodua
  • Ofumbongha/Yala
  • Osopong i
  • Osopong ii
  • Ovonum

The council is led by the executive head of the local government, who is called the chairman, now called HOLGA (Head Of Local Government Area). Each community (village) has a chief leader but the overall traditional head of the Adun Clan is called kudiden and he stays in oderegha. Okum’s overall ruler is called Ohorodo of Okum and heĀ is resident in Apiapum.

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